Puzzle: Supporting Family Caregivers

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Each decade, the White House Conference on Aging is held to identify key issues that affect older Americans. The 2015 conference, to be held on July 13, will spotlight an array of important topics—including the important role of informal caregivers, which the conference organizers call "the backbone of long-term services and supports." Unpaid family caregivers—spouses, daughters, sons and other relatives—provide the lion's share of elder care in the U.S.

But these caring people need our help! Many are not only caring for their older or disabled loved ones, but are also holding down a job and perhaps have minor children as well. What can we do to help? We can assist caregivers we know personally, and advocate for all caregivers on the local, state and national level.

This month's puzzle contains the names of 20 ways to support caregivers. Give your brain a workout and find them all! Download your copy of the puzzle here.

Need a little help? Click here for the puzzle solution.

Supporting Family Caregivers wordfind

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