Wordfind: Planning Ahead for Successful Aging

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We hear these terms a lot: healthy aging, successful aging. What does it mean to age successfully?

Planning puzzle

Does it mean remaining in perfect health well into our later years? Does it mean financial comfort? Experts say it's more complicated than that. Successful aging means being able to live our lives with a sense of purpose and connection with others, even as we face health challenges and the normal changes of aging.

University of Louisville professor Valerie Lander McCarthy said, "It is unrealistic to measure positive aging solely on good physical and cognitive function and active social engagement." Instead, even in the face of illness and disability, successful aging is "a person's ability to cope and adapt while maintaining a sense of connectedness and meaning in life."

Planning ahead makes it more likely that we will feel good about our lives as we age. For some inspiration, give your brain a workout with this month’s puzzle, which contains 20 factors that can improve our likelihood of a rewarding old age.

Click here to download the puzzle. If you need a little help, click here to download the solution.

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