Puzzle: Generations Together

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It's something that needs to be called out. People who wouldn't dream of making a rude comment about a person's race, faith, sexual orientation or disability might nonetheless make disparaging remarks just because a person is older.

Studies show that ageism hurts everyone, not just older adults. Prejudice against seniors has been shown to raise stress, depression and even the risk of Alzheimer's disease. And young people don't get off scot-free — studies show that young people who harbor ageist attitudes are less likely to experience good health in their own later years.

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How can we fight this pernicious attitude in our youth-centric culture? One way is to encourage more contact among the generations. Stereotypes melt when we look at people as individuals. A recent study  from the University of Kent in the UK provides insight on how we can "immunize" against ageism. First of all, say the researchers, young people who have older friends have a better attitude about older people … and, if they talk about these older friends, their peers too are less likely to hold negative and inaccurate beliefs about seniors.

So … seek out friendships with people of every age. And talk it up! If you're a young person with older friends, let friends your age know how valuable it is to have connections with people of every age.

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